Not all solutions are created equal

As a high-performing deposit origination platform, MANTL delivers a 2-4x improvement in conversion rates with materially higher funding per account. See what investing in best-in-class technology can mean.

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Better technology means better outcomes

With a better user experience, superior controls, and more automation, a high-performing account origination solution can generate up to 3.5x more new accounts and nearly 200x growth in monthly deposits.

Low Performance

Low Performance

High Performance

High Performance

The MANTL difference

Over 50% of community institutions already have a solution in place for online deposit origination — yet on average, they are still opening only 5% of new checking accounts digitally. Across the MANTL customer base, digital makes up a 20% share of openings with only 2 or 3 employees required to staff the increased volume. Additionally, our in-branch platform streamlines workflows for a consistent customer experience across all of your channels.

Before MANTL

Driving growth at America's best-performing large community bank

MANTL ODO's ease of use, and appeal to a broad demographic base, has been effective in attracting new customers and deepening existing relationships. This fuels account and revenue growth, increases share-of-wallet, and supports customer retention.

— Stephanie Jarovski, Vice President, Digital & Customer Care

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